5G is set for 2020, thanks to new UN roadmap


Super-fast 5G mobile networks have just got another kick into action after the UN has agreed on a new roadmap for the developing technology.

Radio communication experts from the UN's 193 member countries came together to approve the roadmap for the next generation of internet. The technology could allow for driverless cars and the internet of things.

Head of the ITU Radio communication Bureau, Francois Rancy, said in a statement that the roadmap "opens the doors to innovation that will determine how we communicate in the future, meeting the trend towards high data traffic in the Age of the Internet of Things."

Set your alarms

The roadmap is dubbed IMT-2020 and will become the name for the next generation of celluar networks – but it'll keep being called 5G to you and I. 3G is officially named IMT-2000 while 4G is actually called IMT-Advanced.

Next year will see the technical requirements for the tech decided. Proposals for the new technology will begin at the end of 2017 with workshopping happening at the same time.

5G internet is currently undetermined in its speeds and spectrum making it difficult to show exactly what it can do. Reports have claimed 5G will be 1,000 times faster than 4G internet but the truth is that is currently unknown.

Representatives from the member states will come back to the UN to decide on spectrum as well as speeds in the future though with close cooperation of organisations on the industry standards.

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