Intel could give us the lowdown on Xe Graphics in August

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Intel has said it will share more details on incoming Xe Graphics via the official Intel Graphics account on Twitter, letting us know this in a now deleted tweet.

Intel tweeted: “You’ve waited. You’ve wondered. We’ll deliver. In 20 days, expect more details on Xe Graphics.”

As mentioned, the tweet has since been removed, but there’s a good chance that we will still hear some info drop on Intel’s incoming graphics tech, we reckon, given how firm and specific the message seemed to be.

The tweet emerged the day before yesterday, as Tom’s Hardware reports, so that means theoretically, the day to mark on your calendar is August 13.

The question is, assuming the event or presentation goes ahead, will Intel be providing more details on integrated Xe Graphics, or on the full-blown discrete Xe GPU which is also inbound?

Obviously, we don’t know, but we can but hope for more details on the latter, considering that we’ve already had some bits and pieces drop about integrated Xe Graphics. Recently, an Intel exec shared a video clip of Battlefield V running relatively well on a thin-and-light Tiger Lake laptop at high details.

Something big this way comes

We’ve already heard that Intel has an event planned for September 2 which will be “something big” to quote the company, and the expectation is that Intel will be showing off its Tiger Lake processor line-up with integrated Xe Graphics as mentioned.

That’s another reason, perhaps, why we might hear something about the discrete GPU on August 13, if a major event is coming on Tiger Lake and Xe integrated graphics soon after (theoretically, anyway – unless that September reveal turns out to be something else, like an initial teaser for Rocket Lake CPUs, although that seems unlikely).

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