Instagram predicts social trends for 2022 - here's a quick peek

2022 Instagram Trend Report
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Instagram, which is fighting a huge battle with TikTok for winning over the Gen-Z, has come up with a new predictive trends report for 2022. It highlights the possible heralding of changes across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebs, beauty, wellness, memes and social justice. 

To create the 13-page report, Instagram tapped into the minds of Gen-Z and sought to understand their views on the various topics.

Instagram said: "Reporter Darian Symoné Harvin (@darian), who writes about beauty at the intersection of pop culture and technology, sat down with a handful of these creators and trend forecasters to talk about all things innovative for 2022 and beyond."

Along with the report, Instagram has also published a series of video interviews with relevant influencers in various genres.

So what does the trend report say?

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In the all-important career and education, Instagram said the gen-Z professionals are re-thinking their educational and career goals, with 90% of them believing the best education comes from real-world experiences. 

In the world of fashion, it foresees a big year for Dark Academia, Goth, Goblincore and Nostalgic wear. Around 50% of teens and young adults are likely to experiment more with bolder looks. Plant-based skincare, vegan makeup and products with sustainable ingredients looks set to increase too, with one in three young people predicted to learn more about cleaner skincare products in 2022.

Instagram trend report for 2022

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Not surprisingly, there will be an increased focus on wellness with one in three young people expecting to take up activities such as, but not limited to guided meditation and manifestation exercises.

Young people are connecting and rethinking how choices they make in their lives affect their mental health, and holistic wellness is the next step forward, the report said.

'Games fuel new connections'

Instagram trend report of 2022

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The Instagram report said that Creators (especially on social media platforms) have risen to the level of A-list celebrities, with 83% of respondents feeling creators have as much influence as online influencers, if not more.

When it comes to food, Gen-Z are pushing the boundaries at home, experimenting with complex recipes and intricate cooking techniques.

Gaming is another area of major focus, and Instagram described it as the 'new mall' with more young people spending more time inside playing them.

Memes, the report said, will rise to the top, while "stop-and-think humor reinvents itself." Short-form video will redefine discovery, and music will go visual, with more album releases joined by graphic components, the report predicted.

Online shopping will move away from big-box retailer sites and to social and augmented reality experiences.

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