I'm buying this mug warmer in July and you can't convince me otherwise

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It's tradition for me to buy Christmas jumpers in July and August in the UK, as you can get some great deals before the holidays officially start towards the end of the year, but this coffee warmer has a great deal that made me buy it now.

I'm a daily coffee drinker - you'll see me in the nearest coffee place with a Flat White or a Mocha, even if my wife is outside in the heatwave, reading a book on her Amazon Kindle.

But Coffee, shockingly, gets cold after a while, and I've been looking for ways to keep it going, without having to strategically move it in the sun to almost heat it up. This is where a coffee mug warmer has now saved many days for me, where it can constantly top up the heat on my coffee without it turning cold.

It works by plugging it into the mains, and you can set it to two temperatures. Tap it twice for it to heat between 104-122 Fahrenheit, or tap once for the higher temperature of between 11-140 Fahrenheit.

It won't work with takeaway cups, so if you usually take your coffee away, look for a washable container that will work with this. It'll shut off after 8 hours if you forget to leave it on, but it's also waterproof, so any accidental spills won't stop this from warming up your coffee.

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Coffee Mug Warmer: £21.99 £14.99
Save 32% -

Coffee Mug Warmer: £21.99 £14.99
Save 32% -
If you're a coffee drinker all year round, sunshine or snow, you'll want this to keep your mug warm regardless. It has two settings to make it warm or boiling, so you can enjoy that Mocha as fresh as when it was made.

At 35% off the standard price, you get a solution to an age-old problem, especially to a coffee drinker like me. Granted, there are others that work off USB, so I could plug this into my Mac, but that would mean a lot of its battery would go on keeping my coffee warm, and I'm happy buying one that goes into a plug socket to save me this hassle instead.

It's an ideal appliance to have for the winter, as well as all year round for coffee-heads like me. In a way, it could also heat up a Pot Noodle when the cold times truly come, but for now, this mug warmer finally gets rid of an issue I've had for years, and it's already been worth the purchase for me.

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