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If Microsoft's Surface Phone ends up like this concept, count us in

Surface Phone concept render

We’ve already seen Microsoft’s meticulously-detailed patent illustrations for a handheld, dual-screen tablet or phone, but now they’ve been made into something far more beautiful. Designer David Breyer has used those patent images to create an incredible concept for what might – and probably should – end up being a Surface Phone or other phablet-like computing device.

The 3D concept art is nothing but a designer’s dream of what such a device should be, but it nevertheless fuels the long-running hype around a Surface Phone device.

As seen in the patent images and now in 3D, the device will have two displays sandwiched between covers, which become a single display when the device is opened up flat like a book.

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The concept images depict the device being used in many form factors, like the patents, but omit the rendering of a keyboard on one of the screens a la the Yoga Book. Also, the images reference rumors that this device will use a Surface Pen stylus as well.

These concept renders also imagine a third display set on the hinge that holds the whole thing together, with side-orientated text notifications for alerts, like emails or text messages.

If Microsoft released a Surface Phone or more PDA-like product like this, we’d be all over it. Here’s hoping Microsoft makes good on these, again, purely conjectured concept renders with a slam-bang 2018 phone release that blows our right minds. After all, CEO Satya Nadella promises Microsoft’s next phones won’t be anything like the phones we’re used to.

Via The Verge