HyperX's Loot Drop III lifts off with a new limited-edition HX3D keycap

MapleStory Orange Mushroom
(Image credit: HyperX)

It looks like HyperX has caught the spore spread. No, not the terrifying, world-ending Last of Us kind; the less rabid one that’s caught on in the home decor world.

Remember its new HX3D program that launched at CES 2023 and allows gaming keyboard (and other peripherals) enthusiasts to personalize their gear? Well, its second limited-edition personalized keycap just dropped today, the MapleStory Orange Mushroom keycap, inspired by crowd-favorite Orange Mushroom from the popular MMO title, MapleStory. And, I have to admit, it’s kind of truffle-able.

Like the first HX3D limited edition release, this MapleStory Orange Mushroom keycap is only going to be available online at HyperX.com from March 17 through the 19th. And, sadly for keycap-loving enthusiasts around the world, it’s only available in the US.

No price has been announced yet. But if this latest HX3D drop is going to be anything like the last one, it’ll likely be in the ballpark of $20 to $25 (Cozy Cat was sold for $19.99 a piece) and may sell out quickly. So be sure to order yours at 9am PT on the 17th to get on the mushroom trend just in case. 

Update: HyperX has confirmed that the MapleStory Orange Mushroom keycap is listed at $19.99.

Loot Drop III is here

Alongside this release, HyperX has also shared information about its global fan appreciation and community event, the aptly named HyperX Loot Drop III

This two-week event, which runs through March 27th, is expected to be an influencer-studded event. But, it’s more than a gaming festival where you can YouTube celebrity-spot. If you aren’t already privy to HyperX’s contribution to the gaming community, the brand sponsors major gaming event and esports teams around the world. And, the main focus of this particular event is to show its appreciation to its loyal fans around the world.

“Back for the third year, HyperX Loot Drop III appears a little different this time around,” said Alina Riabinina, the Go-to-Market Team Lead at HyperX. According to her, the event is “driven by efforts to demonstrate our customer appreciation and bring the gaming community together through exclusive HyperX product drops and activities.”

So, it’s essentially a treasure trove of activities, product launches, and even opportunities to battle it out with Team Liquid and XSET pro gamers. You might even score some of HyperX’s latest accessories for less, making this the perfect opportunity to expand your peripherals collection, whether you’re a HyperX superfan or not.

But when are we getting full-set custom keycaps? 

Though HyperX hasn’t shared more details on the other products it's launching at Loot Drop III – though it’ll likely roll out another product from its HX3D project (a cute holder for its gaming headsets perhaps, or maybe something for its gaming mice), I am kind of hoping that it finally rolls out a full set or two of custom keycaps. 

Don’t get me wrong; its individual limited-edition keycaps are fun and all, but adding them to the regular white or black keycaps that HyperX keyboards come with isn’t really as fun if I’m being honest. As a keyboard enthusiast myself, I enjoy mixing and matching my keycap sets to create a whole new look and then topping that off with a special one – like my pink cat paw, my Spirited Away soot sprite, or my 20th-anniversary edition HyperX keycaps.

HyperX has already proven that it has the resources to make special keycap sets – case in point, its Naruto collection that has a couple of gaming keyboards with themed keys. So, why not simply expand its HX3D one with a couple of full sets? Considering its massive fanbase and the growing keyboard modding community around the world, I think those are going to be massive bestsellers.

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