Unlocked HTC U11 now supports Android Oreo

If you've already been able to dip into Android's Oreo, there's a good chance you're using one of Google's flagship Pixel phones. 

It's been a lot rougher, though, for anyone else who uses a device from the huge library of Android-powered phones, but you're in luck if you're an owner of the unlocked version of the HTC U11. As of today, you're free to download the highly anticipated OS in the US.

Mo Versi, the company’s VP of product management, recently announced the news in a tweet. He didn't give specific details as to when U11 users with carrier-locked phones would be able to download Oreo, but he added that HTC is working with Sprint to "get it out as quickly as possible." 

For that matter, Versi added that support for Oreo would also be coming to the HTC 10 and the HTC U Ultra "soon."

The goods under the hood

Oreo technically isn't a huge update, but it does include some cool upgrades that could have a significant impact on the core Android experience. 

There's a picture-in-picture mode for videos, for instance, a new notification system that displays dots on app icons and the highly anticipated Project Treble, which makes it easier to download new versions of Android.

It's worth noting, though, that having Oreo alone isn't enough to guarantee support for Project Treble, as OnePlus users discovered last week. Considering that Treble support is only required for devices that support Oreo out of the box, it seems likely that the HTC U11 may not support it as well. We've reached out to HTC for a comment and will update this article if we receive one.