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HTC U11 camera will get improved video recording very soon

The HTC U11 keeps getting better. First HTC rolled out Amazon’s Alexa assistant to the handset, and now the Taiwanese firm has confirmed it’ll soon be pushing out a 60fps (frames per second) video recording mode to the device.

The confirmation comes via a tweet from the official HTC USA account, which reveals the new mode that will land on all U11 devices.

Currently the 12MP rear-facing camera on the U11 offers 30fps recording at both 1080p and 2160p, but no super-smooth 60fps option that rival phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 offer.

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Why is 60fps better?

The benefits of 60fps over 30fps include smoother motion, a recording which more closes matches what you see with your eyes (which generally work at between 48fps and 60fps), and the ability to slow down footage to half speed without degradation of quality.

In short then, you’ll be able to capture better-looking and more true to life videos on your HTC U11 when the update drops, although it’ll likely only work at the 1080p resolution and not 2160p.

As soon as the update arrives we’ll be putting the new video recording mode through its paces, and we’ll update our full HTC U11 review with our in-depth findings.

We've contacted HTC to ask for more detail about the forthcoming update, and we'll update this article when we get a response.

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