How to watch Titanic online: stream the biggest 90s blockbuster movie from anywhere

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Still the defining film of Leonardo DiCaprio's, Kate Winslet's and Billy Zane's careers, Titanic is one of the all-time great epics, disaster films and romantic dramas all in one, the tragic story of the RMS Titanic's ill-fated maiden voyage told through one of cinema's most moving and memorable love stories. We dare you to try to get through it without welling up. Read on as we explain how to watch Titanic online and stream the movie wherever you are in the world right now.

How to watch Titanic online

Release date: 1997

Director: James Cameron

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane

Run time: 3 hr 14 mins

Rating: PG-13

Stream now: Starz (opens in new tab) (US) | Sky (opens in new tab) (UK)

Is it on Netflix? Yes, it's on Netflix Canada (opens in new tab)

Watch anywhere: try a 100% risk-free VPN trial (opens in new tab)

101-year-old Rose is summoned aboard a treasure hunter's research vessel after they recover a gloriously racy drawing of her from the wreckage of the Titanic, which has been lying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean since 1912. 

The drawing, which is dated April 14, 1912, the day the ship collided with an iceberg, shows a teenage Rose wearing nothing but a necklace, the Heart of the Ocean, an invaluable piece of jewelry that would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Contained within these two artifacts is a love story so joyous and heartbreaking that it's now almost impossible to separate the historical from the fictional. 

Rose tells a tale that restores life to the decaying wreck and everybody who perished on it, replacing facts and figures with unforgettable images of two young lovers spinning together in a dance hall, goofing around on the bow and clinging on to a piece of debris as the ship capsizes behind them, with Bernard Hill's Captain Edward Smith going down with his doomed ocean liner.  

It's a genuine masterpiece from James Cameron, and here's how to watch Titanic online from anywhere.

How to watch Titanic from outside your country

Unfortunately, if you’re out of your country of residence for whatever reason, then geo-blocks will prevent you from connecting to your streaming services and content back home.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix. Downloading a VPN will let you to change your IP address to that of any country in the world: meaning you can access your preferred VOD platform online from anywhere – just like you would in your own living room.

Use a VPN to watch Titanic online from anywhere

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watch Titanic online

How to watch Titanic online in the US

Starz (opens in new tab)

In the US, you can watch Titanic on Starz (opens in new tab), which is a premium cable and satellite channel that boasts first-run original television like American Gods and Outlander, alongside a big helping of Hollywood movies.

You can add the channel to your existing TV package, if you like - or if you're looking to cut the cord, you have a couple of alternative options for streaming Starz.

You can get a subscription directly from the network itself, but right now we actually recommend getting it through a third-party like  Amazon Prime Video (opens in new tab)

Amazon is worth considering, as you can get both a FREE 30-day Prime trial (opens in new tab) and then a FREE 7-day Starz trial on top of that. In both cases, you can cancel at any time, with Prime costing $12.99 a month and Starz an additional $8.99 a month - but only if you decide to keep them.

Other ways to watch Starz and stream Titanic 

Getting Starz through the network itself currently costs $5 a month for the first 6-months - but there's no indication what it costs thereafter or how long the commitment is. 

It's either an oversight or just plain shabby on the service's part, and hopefully they'll clarify things soon, so potential subscribers can sign up with confidence.

And remember, if you do pony up for a streaming service, you can watch it wherever you are - all you need to do it download a good VPN (opens in new tab) and follow our instructions above.

watch Titanic online canada

Is Titanic on Netflix? How to wt

here (opens in new tab)

It's good news for Netflix subscribers in Canada, as Titanic is one of the many great movies carried by the essential streaming service in the Great White North.

You can find Titanic here (opens in new tab) - although if you're out of the country, you might find yourself restricted by geo-block, as only select Netflix regions offer the film.

Where that's the case, Canadians abroad needn't miss out - just download a VPN (opens in new tab), redirect your IP address to your country of residence, and then you'll be privy again to all the streaming services and content you pay for back home.

watch Titanic online uk

How to watch Titanic online in the UK

Sky TV deals and packages (opens in new tab)

Sky has the rights to Titanic in the UK. Since we all know it can be expensive, be sure to check out our dedicated Sky TV deals and packages (opens in new tab) guide to make sure you're getting today's best prices and offers.

If you're not already a Sky subscriber, Now TV is your best bet for watching Titanic on the cheap and without a contract, with a Now TV Cinema Pass the one you want.

If you’re temporarily out of the UK right now, you can stream your favourite films and TV shows through your preferred VOD service by downloading a top-notch VPN (opens in new tab) and following the steps above.

watch Titanic online australia

How to watch Titanic: stream the full movie online in Australia 

Amazon (opens in new tab)

To our immense shock, there's no straightforward way to legally stream Titanic in Australia right now.

You can, however, rent the film from a whole host of platforms, including Amazon (opens in new tab), Google Play (opens in new tab), Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), YouTube (opens in new tab), and Apple TV (opens in new tab). Prices range from AU$3.99 to AU$4.99.

You can also purchase the film from each of the services listed above, for AU$11.99.

Anyone in the UK from a country where Titanic is streaming can follow the VPN route (opens in new tab) as described above to access their usual streaming service and all their favourite films.

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