LG will give you free Netflix to sweeten the deal on its TVs

Netflix 4K

Starting today, if you buy one of LG's brand new 4K TVs you'll be handed six months free Netflix to enjoy on your cracking new TV.

And let's be honest here, if you have a 4K TV then you're going to be forced to use Netflix for your 4K content, because there aren't many other ways to see ultra HD right now. That should change later on this year when the 4K Blu-ray format finally arrives, but there may still be very little material to watch on disc. Plus, who honestly wants discs in this day and age?

Not everything on Netflix comes in the 4K format though, so you might find the selection a bit weak, but Daredevil (which launches this week) and House of Cards are both available in the format, as is Breaking Bad.

Also interesting is the support that Netflix will add later this year for HDR video. So the first time you'll be able to see far more detail in the picture, with images having better dynamic range. Video should have detail in both very light and very dark areas, and we're told this is as important to the future of TV and movies as 4K is, so it's quite exciting that it will be coming to Netflix.

The deal starts today, and runs until July 29th. When you get the TV home there will be a voucher in the box, you enter the code on the Netflix site an BOOM - free streaming video for six months. To get more information, and to see the TVs which get this deal, head over to LG's special promotion site.

If you're already a Netflix subscriber, you can still get this deal. Do remember though, you'll need to upgrade your subscription to the top tier to get 4K streaming.