See the Samsung Galaxy S20 cameras up close in a new leak

Galaxy S10 5G cameras for comparison (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 family of smartphones is expected to launch tomorrow, February 11, and we're eagerly waiting. But, leaks wait for no one, and the latest bunch show off the staggeringly high-end specs that may be coming to the cameras in the new phones, courtesy of noted leaker Evan Blass.

We're expecting a Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra in the final lineup of phones. What we're seeing from these leaks are big differences in the camera setups of each device.

Per the leaks, the Galaxy S20 will pack a triple-lens setup in the rear. There are two 12MP shooters, one with wide-angle lens and another with an ultra-wide lens. The third camera is a 64MP telephoto. 

The Galaxy S20 Plus appears to have a very similar setup except that it has one extra sensor, which may be a dedicated depth sensor. Meanwhile, the front will have a small, punch-hole style camera with a 10MP sensor.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra steps almost everything up to an extreme. Blass's leaks show a 40MP front-facing camera. On the rear, there's the same 12MP ultra-wide lens seen on the other devices, but then things get wild. The telephoto camera has a 48MP, likely using quad-pixel technology to produce a crisp 12MP photo. While that's technically lower in megapixel than the smaller phones, we've heard rumors that the S20 Ultra's telephoto lens will have more optical zoom.

Then there's the insane, 108MP wide-angle camera. That's all topped off by a pair of depth sensors

Samsung keeps being Samsung

Samsung has a reputation for its cameras, and these phones show a heavy investment in versatile sensors. We've already seen some supposed leaked Galaxy S20 camera samples, and they showed big improvements over the Galaxy S10. But, none of those were from the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Given what we're seeing in the leaks, the Ultra will go even further with photography.

There's a bit more to glean from the leak as well. For one, new cases will naturally show up for the new range of devices, including new wireless earbuds and a watch.

The leaks also suggest both the Galaxy S20 Plus and Ultra will be 5G, as previously exepcted, but that the standard Galaxy S20 will be a non-5G device. That's a move that could keep down the price of the entry-level model.

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