Pioneer announces new LCD screen range

This is the first time Pioneer has entered the LCD market
This is the first time Pioneer has entered the LCD market

Pioneer today has announced the launch of three KURO-branded LCD TVs, the 32in KRL-32V, 37in KRL-37V and 46in KRL-46V.

This is the first time the company has produced an LCD range, with its KURO brand having been exclusively Plasma based.

Pioneer has made no secrets, however, about branching out into an already saturated LCD market. In fact the company's popping of its LCD cherry is all part of a much-publiscised partnership with Sharp electronics.

Increased flexibility

Speaking about the new LCD range, Heidi Johnson-Cash, General Manager for Marketing at Pioneer GB said: "Our award-winning KURO plasma TVs have been described as the best in the world.

"With these new LCD TVs Pioneer wants to offer increased flexibility and fulfil the demand for a premium HD experience regardless of home environment or screen size. By taking full advantage of our extensive plasma knowledge, our LCD TVs will deliver industry-leading black levels and 1080p performance."

The LCD panels are Full HD 1080p, have a 100Hz mode and are all equipped with KURO link. Looks-wise, Pioneer have given the sets a brushed titanium veneer.

The smaller of the screens – the KRL-32V KRL-37V – are mounted on matte removable black swivel stands that provides a 15-degree swivel.

There's no pricing as of yet for the TVs, but do expect them to hit UK shelves later this year.

Marc Chacksfield

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