Sony dismisses PSP 3000 rumours

Is Sony prepping a new PSP to replace the PSP 2000?
Is Sony prepping a new PSP to replace the PSP 2000?

Post-E3 week is traditionally marked by a lull in games software and hardware news and, by extension, something of an unhealthy focus on rumour and speculation over actual news.

This week is no different, with the latest rumour being that Sony is prepp'ing a new PlayStation Portable model – the 'PSP 3000' - for release.

The "spy" photos of the alleged PSP-3000 emerged from the message board.

Built-in mic, new features

The new PSP is claimed to feature new functionality, including built-in microphone support.

Games site Kotaku notes that the "shot of the PS button, the one that supposedly replaces the Home button on the current PSP model, looks noticeably different from what we saw previously.

"It looks more like the PS button on the SIXAXIS controller and is therefore, more suspect."

Nathan Irvine, Deputy Editor over on PSM3 magazine told us: "While my better judgment tells me that these are obviously fake, the more I look at the pictures the more I think it could be a new version of PSP. The PS Home button looks convincing and the ports underneath the machine could be genuine, but I'm not convinced that Sony's new machine would look so similar to the previous one.

"Barring a slimmer ring on the back (whoopee!) it's almost identical to PSP Lite. So unless Sony are using the Emperor's New Clothes approach for their latest model, I'd be surprised if this is the next-generation PSP. And what is it with secret shots of new hardware always being blurry? Sure, you're shaking with excitement when taking the snaps but come on, hold it steady for a few seconds.

TechRadar spoke to SCEE rep this morning who told us in no uncertain terms: "rumour and speculation."

Adam Hartley