Google is reportedly working on a Nest Mini smart speaker that boasts big sound

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The (re)absorption of smart home device manufacturer Nest by Google in 2018 has resulted in the rebranding of Google's smart speakers, starting with the awkwardly named Google Nest Hub Max

But according to 9to5Google, the big brother to the Google Home Hub won't be the only smart device in the new range. A "reliable source" has revealed to the online publication that the tech giant has plans to launch a Nest Mini – a follow-up to the smallest of the Google Home smart speaker range.

As per the report, the Nest Mini – if that is what the rumored device will finally be named – will feature a better soundscape than the Google Home Mini and will be wall-mountable.

Biting into the donut

According to 9to5Google, the Nest Mini will have improved bass, a higher maximum volume setting, and an overall better sound than its predecessor. It will also boast a 3.5mm audio jack, putting the new smart speaker in direct competition with the Amazon Echo Dot.

And while there are third-party wall mounts currently available for the Google Home Mini, the Nest Mini will be wall-mountable straight out of the box. How that will be achieved is as yet unclear, though, with 9to5Google speculating that the speaker could sport a small groove at the back to hang off a hook. Alternatively, Google could ship a wall mount in the box.

There is a possibility that the Nest Mini will also boast proximity sensors as well, much like the Nest Home Max and JBL Link View. Motion sensors on the smart displays makes sense, as they're used to wake the home screen as users step closer. However, on the Nest Mini, it is being speculated that the proximity sensors will only be used to display the current volume level on the device.

As for everything else, all we know is that the Nest Mini will likely be of a similar size to the current pint-sized Google Home Mini smart speaker, if not a little larger. There is no news on whether we'll see different colors this time round or the same four (Aqua, Chalk, Charcoal and Coral) – nor whether the launch price will change to reflect the additional features.

If this report holds true, there is a possibility that the Google Nest Mini could debut along with the Pixel 4 phones later this year (possibly in October).

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