Xbox One backwards compatibility now runs multi-disc games

Xbox One

When Microsoft launched backwards compatibility for the Xbox One last November, there was one slight hurdle: all the games it supported only had a single 360 disc, because the engineers hadn't yet cracked the code for multi-disc games.

That has all changed now, with Microsoft's Major Nelson confirming on Reddit that the backwards compatibility engineers have worked hard to enable multi-disc game support.

The first Xbox 360 title across multiple discs that Xbox One users can now enjoy is Deus EX: Human Revolution Director's Cut. While the original Human Revolution shipped on a single disc, the Director's Cut required a second disc.

According to the Reddit discussion, users are required to insert the first disc of a multi-disc game into the Xbox One, which then downloads the entire game to the console's hard drive.

Naturally, this development opens up the Xbox One's backwards compatibility to a much larger collection of games, so here's hoping that popular titles like Mass Effect 2 and 3 will be added to the list of supported titles before Mass Effect Andromeda gets released.

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