Want the Xbox One Elite pad? Either wait an age or pay through the nose...

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller
A rare and expensive beast

The new Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is awesome. But for some reason Microsoft simply isn't manufacturing enough to keep up with the demand.

Maybe it thought there wouldn't be so many people willing to drop $150/£150 on a console gamepad, but that looks like a poor judgement call as the Elite is looking as rare as an innovative Call of Duty.

Amazon.com has recently updated its availability in the US, stating that orders placed today won't be fulfilled until Spring 2016. That's a long wait for the controller that our Associate Editor Mr. Pino called "simply one of the most extraordinary controllers to hit any Microsoft console."

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Money talks

But there's always a way...

A quick look through eBay and you'll find listings for the controller going as high as $499.99, as posted by one enterprising disciple.

ebay listing

That does sound crazy high - and surely they ain't selling those until the cheaper ones thin out even further - but the average sale price on the US site is a pretty staggering $249.

It's not much better in the UK either. Amazon.co.uk hasn't put any such availability announcements up, but then its only listings for the controller are coming from third-party vendors.

And the price of the £150 controller at those sites? As high as £186.

So yes, if you want one of those Xbox One Elite controllers then we're afraid you're just going to be better off waiting a while. Sorry.