Tory MP: Government has 'forgotten' UK games industry

London Games Conference kicks off at BAFTA
London Games Conference kicks off at BAFTA

Tory MP and Shadow Minister for Culture, Ed Vaizey has slammed the Labour Government, accusing them of 'forgetting' about Britain's flourishing videogames industry.

Vaizey is set to speak at next month's inaugural London Games Conference – alongside senior execs from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – which takes place at BAFTA on 27 October.

"I'm delighted to be speaking to the London Games Conference," said the Tory MP. "The games sector is one of the most successful creative industries in the UK, but it has been forgotten by Government. While Canada and France aggressively compete to attract games talent, all UK politicians talk about is video games violence."

"Yet this sector should be a dream for a politician - it recruits people qualified in difficult subjects, like maths and computer science; it's regional, with clusters all over the country; and it's successful and world-beating. Government backing for the games sector should be a no-brainer."

Trad retail versus downloading

The conference has the laudable objective of aiming to "tackle the biggest issues facing publishers and developers today: how to strengthen relationships with their playing customers and how to sell products to them in the years ahead through digital distribution."

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Adam Hartley