The yin and yang of Sony, Asteroids watches and Xbone notes

The yin and yang of Sony, Asteroids watches and Xbone notes
"Xbox: make the World Cup less depressing for England"

I want you to peer back through the mists of time, back to a time when the Xbox One was just a gleam in Microsoft's eye and the marketing team were diligently preparing to unleash a campaign that rid the console of all those pesky gamers, back when Sony thought they would have to work hard to make the PS4 the biggest selling next gen console and back when Nintendo were confident that the Wii U was going to be awesome.

This was a time when a single gaming column, known to many as 7DiG (or 7 Days in Gaming for the more formal among you) was a dominant force in the lives of literally tens of TechRadar readers and foundations were being laid for a time when a young man with peculiarly slender wrists was to step forward and start the legendary column that is Week in Gaming.

That man, I'm afraid to say, is hiking up a mountain for charity this week - possibly in the misplaced belief that it will somehow make his arms thicker - but never fear, for the next fortnight WiG will be given a retro spin with older, greyer writers stepping into the breach.

So without further ado - on with the gaming news which, despite the E3 hangover, was more plentiful than that bit of Sonic where you're in a room full of rings.

Busy week for Sony

Despite a battling performance at E3 and the success of the PS4, Sony's finances are not in the rudest of health - with Kaz Hirai having to patiently explain to those pesky shareholders why selling off the now increasingly central Entertainment wing is a bad idea.

Better news came with the company's release of Unity for PlayStation Mobile which should see a whole wealth of great content (and an even bigger-boatload of dross) land on the PlayStation Store.

And while we're in Sonyland let's talk a little about Bungie - who chatted to TechRadar's very own Michael Rougeau about how long they have been warming the bed of the PlayStation. Halo boys…

Is there a strange Pong in here?

Did we mention that 7DiG...I mean WiG is a bit older for a fortnight? Then we should definitely talk about Atari - once the powerhouse of gaming and now just a rapidly rotting shed. But, the company has a brilliant new idea - get into wearables.

E.T. - on the other hand - can stay home

E.T. - on the other hand - can stay home

We literally cannot wait for an Pong smartwatch. Watch, ahem, this (asteroids) space.

Xbox fresh

Back to news things and Xbox OneGuide finally made it over the pond for UK gamers who also like television (ie all of them) Does it live up to its US offering? Upshot - not really. Boo.

And finally - while we're in seventh position on our Xbone (music joke) let's bring you our chat with Xbox's Yusuf Mehdi from E3.

So that's it for this week: We'd love to tell you that WiG will be back to its full glory next week - but we're still worried that the mountain will prove too much for the poor lad - and it's not like his body type will be suited to abseiling his way back down. If anyone sees this man lost on a mountain - please send up a virtual flare.

Hugh Langley - Oculus Rift not included

Hugh Langley - Oculus Rift not included
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