Don't fear for PlayStation TV: Sony not carving off its entertainment division

Don't fear for PlayStation TV: Sony not carving off its entertainment division
Sony - all about synergy

Sony is not going to be selling off its entertainment business any time soon according to chief executive Kaz Hirai.

The question of whether the movies and music side of things should be sold or split from the core business of making our gadgets has been raised several times in the past year.

But Hirai made it clear at the annual shareholders' meeting that this was not currently an option, despite more disappointing financial results.


You can understand his logic, Sony is just beginning to break down the silos between its businesses and the availability of media is a powerful tool, not only in its television business but also for the mighty PlayStation brand.

With PlayStation TV and 4K both leaning heavily on the output of Sony's entertainment division, content remains an important part of the future for the Japanese giant.

Hirai has been clear that 'synergy' is vital as the company looks to overcome the tough times and re-establish itself as a major competitor in the face of competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung, and the looming spectre of China.

The chief executive was apologetic about Sony's poor performance, but insisted that the business was moving in the right direction.

"Sorry that we failed to meet shareholders' expectations," Hirai said. "We will bear responsibility to complete restructuring in fiscal 2014, with a strong sense of crisis and without further delay."

Via IBT, Reuters

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