Snoop Lion, Steam Machines, San Andreas, space aliens

Snoop Lion, Steam Machines, San Andreas, space aliens
No arms but still pouring Chandon

After the whole Fallout-4-hoax-we-won't-speak-of incident, all hope seemed lost. We couldn't cope. We turned to drink in the hope that the answer might be waiting at the bottom of the bottle. It never was.

Then, just when we thought it was all over, something happened. Kotaku reported that it had got its hands on some leaked casting documents which prove Fallout 4 is real - actually real - and in development right now.

The documents reveal that the game will be set in Boston and include details on a number of in-game locations such as the Commonwealth and the Institute, the latter being Fallout's version of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. You can go read the rest of the details over here.

If this is another hoax, we swear to God...

In space, no one can stop you checking out these screens

Some artwork and screenshots for what appears to be a new Alien game, Alien Isolation, by studio The Creative Assembly have shown up online.

In one of the images we can see the face of a female character, and if rumours are anything to be believed, this could be Amanda Ripley - the daughter of Ellen Ripley from the Alien movie franchise. As for the in-game screenshots, they don't give away an awful lot but are definitely giving off some creepy Nostromo vibes.

In 2011 Sega confirmed that a new Alien game was being worked on by Creative Assembly that would be in the style of Dead Space 2. Frankly, it's about time we had an Alien game that focused more on the horror than the action, and it looks like this might be just the ticket. [CVG]

Steam controller

Release the Steam

The Steam Machines are here. THE STEAM MACHINES ARE HERE. Valve just announced that it would start shipping its boxes to the 300 selected beta developers on December 13. The lucky recipients will get a Steam Machines, Steam controller and a number of pre-installed games that run on SteamOS.

But if you weren't one of the fortunate 300, you can still take SteamOS out for a spin as Valve has made the Linux-based operating system available to download. All the information is over on the Steam website, and there's also a section that teaches you how to build your own Steam Machine.

San Andreas

Smooth criminal

Rockstar is continuing to roll out its Grand Theft Auto mobile ports, and this week it was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The remastered title is available on iOS for £4.99 ($6.99/AU$7.49) but Android and Windows Phone users needn't fear - you'll be able to get it next week.

It ain't just a straight copy of the original, though. The graphics have been nicely enhanced and the game also supports both the Logitech PowerShell and Moga Ace Power controllers, which is great news for anyone who finds those cramped onscreen buttons just too fiddly on the iPhone.

Phew. Right, that's about it. But to finish up, here's a new trailer for the Xbox One and PS4 version of Rayman Legends presented by Snoop Lion himself. No, us neither...

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