No saucy We Dare antics for Brits as game is pulled

We don't really dare after all
We don't really dare after all

If you watched the trailer for We Dare, no doubt you remember it. It was essentially the gaming equivalent of getting some friends together and putting you car keys in a bowl, if you know what we mean.

Well, all of you looking forward to a bit of flirty double-date Wii/PlayStation hijinks are going to be sorely disappointed: Ubisoft has pulled the game's UK release.

The statement from Ubisoft states that the decision was made "following public reaction to the 12+ rating of We Dare".

"Flirty fun for all"

If you saw the trailer, you'd probably be concerned at the idea of 12 year olds getting their hands on it too, with lap-dancing, bum-spanking and stripping all included as standard.

Despite Ubisoft's decision to put a parental guidance sticker on the box following the release of the naughty trailer, it was game over for We Dare.

Conservative North America won't be getting the spicy game either, but those liberal Europeans can enjoy all the spanking, kissing, gyrating and post-watershed whathaveyou that they like.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has made the video trailer private on YouTube.

Fortunately, IGN still has it – so sit back, relax and prepare for one-and-a-half truly uncomfortable minutes.


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