Ubisoft outs saucy We Dare game trailer

We Dare
We Dare promises to spice up parties for grown-ups

Ubisoft has released a risque trailer for its forthcoming We Dare adult party game that promises to spice up parties with sexy challenges.

We Dare will be released for Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 on March 11th and will require gamers to use the Wiimote and Move wand to complete a host of kinky challenges.

Ubisoft also used the YouTube trailer to provide links to further short teaser clips which tells viewers in no uncertain terms that playing this game could and probably should result in a full-on sexual orgy.

The slightly uncomfortable trailer features bum-spanking aplenty, tag-team bobbing for Apples, strip-teases and the suggestion of a lot more...


We Dare, which promises 'flirty fun for all' is a massive departure from the usually child-friendly Wii gaming environment and surprisingly has passed with a PEGI-12 rating which deems it suitable for 12-year-olds.

The game is a Europe only release, planned for March 11th. Have a look at the trailer for yourself and let us know if you'll be splashing out on the game for your next 'couples night.'

If you follow the links to the three videos offered at the end of the trailer, you'll know what we're talking about.

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