Nintendo 3DS update brings 3D video recording

Nintendo 3DS update brings 3D video recording
Video comes to the 3D

After initial delays, Nintendo has released a software update for the Nintendo 3DS, enabling new features including 3D video recording.

Nintendo had planned to release the update before the end of November before then pushing it back to 8 December. Now it seems that Christmas has come one day early for 3DS owners as the update is available today.

This software update is fairly sparse when compared to the bumper overhaul the Xbox 360 dashboard update brought this week, but then 3D video recording is something the Xbox 360 definitely won't do. The other new features coming to the 3DS are new game content in StreetPass Mii Plaza, including Find Mii II as well as the transfer of downloaded software and data between Nintendo 3DS systems.

10-minute limit

Unfortunately, the 3D recording does come with a 10-minute limit, but then you probably won't find many people willing to watch a shaky 10 minute continuous take 3D film made on your 3DS.

It's another feature that fits into Nintendo's plan to focus more on casual, women and 50+ gamers. Though even if you've done what Nintendo wants and bought grandma a 3DS for Christmas she might not be shooting 3D videos on a daily basis.

If you're excitedly clutching your 3DS but don't have the update yet, you can check out Nintendo's instructions for how to perform a system update and you'll be filming a 3D present opening epic in no time.