Nine per cent of PSN users switch to Xbox Live

The PSN outage is proving to be hugely damaging for Sony

A new survey of PlayStation Network users has revealed that nine per cent of gamers have already switched to the rival Xbox Live service.

Gamespot UK polled 2,285 PlayStation 3 owners about their loyalty to the brand, following the security breach which compromised the personal information of the service's 77 million users.

And while 64 per cent of those surveyed said they were "very unlikely" to switch, 9 percent have already jumped ship to Xbox Live, with a further 5 per cent saying they're likely to do so in the future.

13 per cent were undecided, while the remaining 11 per cent were said they were "somewhat unlikely" to switch.


14 per cent of those surveyed said that they no longer trusted Sony, 35 per cent that the outage had no bearing, while 28 per cent said they'd restrict the personal information they shared with the company.

5 per cent of the sample, who presumably only use the console for local gaming and media playback, said they weren't even aware that the service had gone down.

The realisation that it could end up losing a total of 14 per cent of its customers, with another 13 per still considering a jump to Xbox Live, is a massive blow to Sony as it seeks to recover from the outage.

Only today it was estimated that the whole episode might end up costing Sony an absolutely staggering £106m.

Source: Gamespot UK

Chris Smith

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