New PlayStation controller to be unveiled at E3

Sony plans to unveil Wii Remote style controller at E3
Sony plans to unveil Wii Remote style controller at E3

Those rumours that Sony Computer Entertainment is readying a Wii-Remote style motion-controlled controller are gaining ground, with the latest reports claiming that Sony’s new controller will break apart into two separate units. reports that each of the two separate parts of the new PlayStation controller is set to contain an accelerometer providing 'Wiimote-like' motion-sensing functionality.

E3 unveiling likely

It’s looking likely that Sony will unveil the new motion-control PlayStation controller at E3 in Santa Monica in July, so until then all we can expect is ‘no comments’ on rumour and speculation from SCEE’s ever-diligent PR people.

“Sony Computer Entertainment will therefore hope that, with the ongoing development of the PlayStation Network, the success of Blu-ray as the de facto next generation standard of video, the gradual roll-out of Home later in the year and the release of additional high-definition titles over time, it will be able to overwhelmingly position the PS3 as the best all-round home entertainment unit on the market,” reports Phil Eliot in

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Adam Hartley