New PEGI game ratings symbols unveiled

The new PEGI ratings system for videogames
The new PEGI ratings system for videogames

There is no word as yet on a timeline for when we can expect to see the new PEGI age-ratings' symbols to appear on videogames, but that hasn't stopped the ratings' body from unveiling its new classification symbols.

PEGI is set to use the five age ratings symbols that you see here, coloured green through to orange and red for ages up to 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18 years.

The new PEGI symbols will also be accompanied by the current descriptor symbols which show if a game contains Bad Language, Discrimination, Gambling, Drugs, Fear, Sex, Violence and/or Online Gameplay.

PEGI will also offer consumer advice explaining why a game received its classification, highlighting "extreme violence, criminal techniques, glamorisation of crime, strong language, comic violence, nudity, strong language and unrealistic violence," according to PEGI's website.

Enforcing the new system

The real question is how the new symbols will be understood and acted upon by those buying games for children – with many voicing a concern that parents already don't properly understand that games featuring adult-content should only be played by gamers of an appropriate age.

TechRadar hopes to hear more plans from games trade body ELSPA in the coming weeks detailing how it plans to help establish the new PEGI ratings symbols and how it intends to run marketing campaigns to help parents understand what the symbols mean.

In addition to this, we also hope that the new powers that the government has given to the Video Standards Council to legally enforce these new classifications will be used to ensure retailers stop selling 15+ and 18+ rated violent games to minors.

We live in hope!

Adam Hartley