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New GTA IV DLC: 'Lost and Damned'

Rockstar drops the first DLC episode for GTA IV in February
Rockstar drops the first DLC episode for GTA IV in February
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Rockstar has chosen to reveal the first details (and release date) of its much-heralded downloadable content (DLC) for Grand Theft Auto 4 this week.

The company has cannily released the info via USA Today, which reports that the first batch of DLC is to be entitled "Lost and Damned", and be made available to the millions of eager GTA fans worldwide on February 19.

Niko will feature in the add-on, although he is not the main character this time around, merely a cameo.

Lost bikers on acid

This latest episode of GTAIV will follow the nefarious comings and goings of one Johnny Klebitz, a member of the infamous Lost biker gang.

Rockstar's Dan Houser told USA Today that: "Johnny is a very different character than Niko, with a very different background. I can't go into too much detail on the story, because we try not to give away too much plot before the game is released. But I can say that the story will show you a different side of Liberty City."

Houser added: "We feel like we've only scratched the surface in terms of the depth and detail in [Liberty City]".