Master GTA 5 with this amazing fan-made map

GTA 5 map
Explore Los Santos like never before.

How's your GTA 5 game these days? A PC release and the modding community have given the 2013 title a new lease of life, but if you're struggling to get the game finished then we've got an incredible fan-made map for you to take a look at.

Called simply GTA 5 Map, the unofficial map is available on the web and for Android and iOS. Redditor The_Mighty_Tspoon is the man with the cartography skills, and he's been working on it for a couple of years.

You can switch between satellite and traditional map views as if it were GTA 5 cheats, as well as highlight road names - that latter feature has just been added and the map creator is promising that a street search function is on the way.

X marks the spot

There are more than 50 marker types to explore, leading you to garages, alien glyphs, missions, parking lots and everything else you could possibly want to find within the world of Los Santos.

Another new feature just added to the map is the ability to log in and keep track of all the collectibles you've gathered together - if you're close to completing the game then this map can help you get over the line.

Wherever you're up to in GTA 5, it's a fascinating way of touring round Los Santos that leaves Rockstar's own efforts in the shade. There are more features and markers on the way too.

David Nield
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