The 10 best GTA 5 PC mods so far


Now that Rockstar has confirmed single-player mods will not get players banned from GTA 5, we can all go forth and enjoy the best the PC community has to offer. We'd caveat that any mods that could affect online play are still a bad idea; Rockstar is keen to ensure that GTA Online isn't tarnished in any way. While GTA 5 cheats are fun, they don't go far enough.

With all that in mind, we've rounded up the 10 best GTA 5 PC mods out there right now. We'll keep this list updated as more mods make their way onto the platform. And trust us, there is going to be plenty more where these came from.

Underwater Los Santos

Turn San Andreas into an explorable Waterworld. The fish will be happy - until you go to the other extreme and drain the ocean entirely.

iCEnhancer graphics

A favourite of the GTA 4 modding community, the iCEnhancer is back. The new mod makes San Andreas look even more gorgeous, reducing fog, improving water reflections, and making a number of other graphical tweaks. It's still in pre-alpha right now, but expect to see a more fully-fledged version in the near future.

Gravity Gun

This mod takes one of the best things from the Half-Life universe and plonks it into the world of Grand Theft Auto, where, frankly, we think it's put to better use. Pick up cars, NPCs and just about anything else that isn't a building - then hurl it at whoever/whatever you like.

Free Willy 5

"Suspect last seen heading east from Vinewood Hills, is a whale"

Become a cop

Go all Mark Walhberg in The Departed by morphing your character into a police officer and joining the force. Spawn some police partners and then go patrol the streets, listening into the police radio as you work to bring justice to the streets of Los Santos.

A gun that shoots cars

No, as in your bullets are replaced by actual cars. Savour the irony as you take someone out by launching an ambulance at their face.

Ragdoll on demand

Possibly the funniest of the bunch, Ragdoll on Demand does exactly what it says: any controlled character becomes a floppy, boneless ragdoll at the press of a button. Best of all, it works during cutscenes.

Snow problem

Turn San Andreas into a winter wonderland. Need we say anymore? (The mod's actually broken right now, but expect a fix soon).

Pedestrian riot

Remember the cheat in GTA 3 that armed every pedestrian and made them riot on the streets? This one's like that, but you can customise how aggressive everyone is and what weapons they're carrying. Turn them against each other, or make yourself their only target.

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