Homeless gaming 'journo' stole our copy

Homeless gaming "journo" stole our copy
100 per cent of Apple pollsters, polled by Apple in an Apple poll involving the Apple ipad favoured the Apple iPad over their consoles for Apple iPad gaming

In this Apple-filled week 7DiG was hoping to recruit the homeless guy that wandered into a GDC press conference and ended up interviewing an industry big wig, but apparently stinking of beer and only managing to nod along was enough to get him promoted to a full time games writer, so we're going to have to do it ourselves.

Fortunately, the last 10,080 minutes have not only brought us a new iPad to play Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy on (that's not a joke, that's its actual name) but also a whole sea of ripe gaming news gubbets just begging to be plucked for your delectation.

Sky! Gamblers! Air! Supremacy!

Xbox 720 - For you kids out there we feel we should start by introducing you to the concept of physical media. Back in the olden days people used to get their games on things called discs and disks - one's round the other's square… anyway, to cut a long story short, the Next New Xbox 720 NeBoX X3 Microsoft console looks set to

do away with a disc drive entirely


Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Staying old skool for a moment we're also delighted to see that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is arriving in the summer; for those of us who still occasionally bunny-hop through the double doors on Aztec in our dreams this is exciting. For those of you who have no idea what that sentence even means probably not so much .[CVG]

Star Wars Kinect - Of course we can't watch this without missing Peter Cushing, but Microsoft is doing great work with its Kinect Star Wars trailers.

Steam Box - A little disappointingly our cynicism over Valve making its own Steam Box hardware was right after all. Doug Lombardi has debunked the rumour. [Kotaku]

Apple iPad - Anyone listening to Apple's new iPad press conference might wonder if 7DoG is living on borrowed time because the majority of people surveyed by Apple, for Apple suggested that the iPad was their favourite device for gaming. Above consoles. Mmmkay.

PlayStation Move - Apparently Sony has sold 10.5 million of its Move controllers. That's a lot of balls. The ball's in our court. Wii! etc etc [CVG]

Deus Ex 3 - We weren't alone in loving Deus Ex 3, right up to the point it stuck us in a boss fight and ruined everything. But, for what it's worth, the gameplay director has said he is "truly sorry" about this massive flaw, adding "Next time we're gonna think about it more." That's good of you, thanks. [Game Informer]

Anyway, as is our tradition, we finish with CVG's best links of the week. We're supposed to get them from all the Future gaming sites but they don't seem to want to send us any. Must be too busy playing with their new iPads.

Mass Effect 3: Complete scanning guide

Mass Effect 3: 10 essestial tips and cheats to help you save the galaxy

Assassin's Creed 3: secrets and clues the trailer revealed

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