Dr Kawashima heads to Kinect

Kinect brain training set to arrive February 2012

Dr Kawashima made something of a name for himself with the mega-successful series of brain training titles for Nintendo DS, with the good doctor now heading to Microsoft Kinect in February.

Dr Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises is set to arrive just in time for all of those people who are still serious about losing the Christmas flab (and haven't yet given up on those new year's resolutions).

Kinect your brain

The new Kinect brain training game is being published by Namco Bandai and will launch in the UK and Europe on 11 February.

The game will let up to four players compete in over 20 different activities, so you can see who is the fittest and the cleverest amongst your family and friends.

"Dr Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises challenges players to exercise both mind and body in the most cerebral and energetic party game ever from the originators of the video game brain training craze," says Namco Bandai.

"Players of all ages must think fast and act even faster as they respond to maths, logic, reflex, memory and physical questions using the full-motion capabilities of the Kinect sensor."

Somewhat strangely, Dr Kawashima himself claims to have not made a single penny from the original Nintendo DS game's success.

Dr Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises is an Xbox 360 exclusive title.