Doom gameplay trailer emerges from the depths of E3 2015

Doom official gameplay trailer

If it wasn't already so, Mars is going to be a lot less hospitable to human life after the new Doom comes out.

At its E3 2015 keynote held on Sunday evening at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California, Bethesda gave us our first extended look at the game that will drag us kicking and screaming into the Red Planet's underworld.

Set on the fourth planet from the sun, the 2015 reboot of the original 1993 PC masterpiece will be developed by id Software and released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in spring 2016.

We're all doomed

Doom is, first and foremost, a reboot of the franchise. It's not Doom 4, and definitely won't continue the story of Doom 3. It's an origin game that takes place on Mars and will have the brutal, gory gunplay that made the original so beloved. We also finally saw the chainsaw which you'll be able to use to dice up enemies in any direction. So there's that.

The first gameplay demo consisted of the UAC protagonist zipping around Hell, performing blood-soaked melee attacks and using the super shotgun to completely dismember any demons in his path.

It looks like the most brutal Doom yet, and you won't be sneaking around so much as you will blowing the living Carmack out of Hell's best and brightest. Plus, you'll be able to double-jump. And climb up the sides of crates and up through gaps. Parkour!

Bethesda also announced that Doom will include multiplayer with free-for-all, capture the flag and team deathmatch variants. Also new is Doom Snapmap, a create-your-own game mode editor for creators of all skill levels.

Let's just hope this one turns out better than Doom 3.

Nick Pino

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