Top 12 gifts for PS3 owners

Top 12 gifts for PS3 owners
These are the PS3 gifts gamers will love

Nothing pleases gamers more than being given something to help them get more from their plastic pride and joy.

To help out with what to pick, we've rounded up 12 of the best PS3 gifts that are guarantee to be warmly received.

There's a lot more to the PS3 than just games, of course, so we've got PS3 accessories to make the most of the PlayStation's web capabilities, media and Blu-ray capabilities, too. There's something for just about everyone available below.

1. PlayStation Move Starter Pack - $78

PlayStation move starter pack

In TechRadar's PlayStation Move review, we were highly impressed by Sony's new motion sensing controller. Grabbing someone a Move Starter Pack is a great way to introduce motion gaming.

Of course, there are lots of accessories for Move itself you could pick up, including the Navigation Controller ($48) and the official Charging Station ($50).

2. Wonderbook: Book of Spells - $44


Wonderbook: Book of Spells combines PlayStation Move and Harry Potter into one package. It's an augmented reality game, where you summon spells using the PlayStation Move as a wand, with the results shown via the PlayStation Eye.

There's also a PS Move Starter Pack with Wonderbook: Book of Spells bundled in for $88.

3. Logitech Driving Force GT - $94.50

Logitech driving force

It was a long old wait for Gran Turismo 5, but any fan of the driving sim fan will know that the only way to play is with a racing wheel, and this Gran Turismo branded steering wheel is just the ticket.

Featuring force feedback, accelerate and brake pedals, a sequential gear shift lever and an adjustment dial for control over all the finer options in your car, you'll know the only reason for poor performance in races is between the sofa and the wheel.

4. Venom VX Comm's 2 Bluetooth Headset, $20

Venom vx

This Bluetooth headset is designed to be lightweight, so you'll barely notice it, but provide crystal clear sound to make sure you hear everything you need to in an online match.

5. Elgato Game Capture HD - $229

Game Capture HD

While some games now have built-in ways to share videos of your most audacious feats online, that's certainly not true for all of them. The Elgato Game Capture HD can capture footage from any game to your computer, and can even live-stream it to the web, if you want people to watch as you play.

You don't even need to remember to record the whole time – as long as it's connected, it'll store your gameplay, and you can go back and find the moment you want to record.

6. Official Sony Blu-ray Remote Control - $39.95

Blu-ray remote control

One of the best things about the PS3 is that it's actually a damn good Blu-ray player. However, the standard Dual Shock 3 controller isn't exactly ideal for media playback. Not to worry: Sony's remote control enables users to play and fast forward their dics in a more dignified manner.

7. Duracell Extender - $34.95

Duracell Extender

TheDuracell Extender not only acts as a storage and charging case for controllers, but it attaches to the PS3 Slim and provides additional USB ports and an SD card slot. Guide rails attach it to the PS3, and it has charging indicators on the front, so you can see how the controllers are doing with having to open it.

8. Giotek DF-1 DualFuel Ammo Box - $39.95

Giotek gf1

If you want a tidy way to store and charge your PS3 controllers, look no further. This mains-connected box can store and charge two controllers at once, keeping them hidden away with its military-style exterior. LEDs on the outside let you know if the controllers inside are charged.

9. Official Sony PS3 Wireless Keypad - $35

PS3 wireless keypad

If you've ever tried typing a message of any length on any console using just the on-screen keyboard directed by the game pad, we probably don't need to mention to you how infuriating it is. This add-on for the standard PS3 controller puts a full QWERTY keyboard at the user's fingertips, without having to put down the controller. Ideal for sending quick messages to friends in between multiplayer rounds.

10. Hori Fighting Stick 3 - $74.95

Hori fighting stick

For a true fighting game fan, then it's pretty much impossible to look at the authentic arcade-style layout on the Fighting Stick and not come over a bit funny.

There's no shortage of great fighting games around at the moment, and with Tekken X Street Fighter still to come, we can't think of a better way to get your Shoryuken on.

11. Hori Tactical Assault Commander 3 - $150

Hori tactical assault commander 3

Struggling to get the precision you need to dominate online matches when playing shooters on your PS3? Perhaps this PC-Style setup will improve your rankings. Swap your DualShock 3 for this to get mouse control in one hand and a full set of PS3 controller keys in the other. You can even adjust the sensitivity to ensure you're getting exactly the level of precision you want.

12. PSN Cards - $30/$50

PSN card

Of course, if you want to give someone something to use with the PS3 that doesn't take up yet more living room space, why not go for a PlayStation Network gift card?

You can buy in $30 or $50 denominations, and the recipient can use them to buy games, DLC, movies and anything else that takes their fancy from the PSN store. It's the gift that keeps on giving (until it runs out).