Sky shows big Apple TV 4K gaming push, poaching key PlayStation Journey dev

Apple looks keen to make a big gaming push with its new Apple TV 4K set top box, revealing it's poached a key studio from core console platform holders Sony at its iPhone 8 launch event. 

Thatgamecompany, the dev team behind the critically acclaimed Journey, is developing its new title, Sky, exclusively for Apple platforms. And while it's coming to iPhone and iPad, it's the Apple TV 4K version that's getting the most attention lavished upon it.

Sky is a multiplayer-focussed adventure game, clearly taking its cues from the artistically inclined Journey. Players will fly above the clouds in social groups, travelling to "Dark Temples" and bringing light to these dangerous corners of its world in order to summon magical creatures.

Big win for Apple

The game will take advantage of the Metal 2 API graphics programming language, as well as the set-top box's A10 fusion chip to deliver what looked to be very silky 4K visuals.

It's a big win for Apple, pulling one of the most well-loved indie developers to its platform, with Thatgamecompany previously having been closely associated with PlayStation.

As for launch, it's a little bit more vague as to when you'll get to play Sky, currently slated for some point this winter – provided you've got an iPhone, iPad or, of course, Apple TV 4K.

Gerald Lynch

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