Throw down £20 and reserve a Sony PS4 as Asda opens UK pre-orders

Throw down £20 and make sure you get a Sony PS4 as Asda opens UK pre-orders
More options for UK PS4 fanciers

Asda has become the second major UK retailer to give folks the chance to reserve a Sony PS4 console before the official release date is confirmed.

Despite the price, on-sale date and design of the console remaining in limbo, the supermarket is encouraging interested parties to throw down a score to pre-order the device

Available from the Asda website, the pre-order process essentially takes the form of a discount card, which guarantees a console and priority shipping, whenever Sony launches on British soil.

Once the release and price is confirmed, Asda will contact pre-order customers by email and enable them to apply the discount card to the cost of the console.

No Christmas guarantees

Asda references Sony's expected pre-Christmas release date, but makes no promises to those signing up for the pre-order card, which is limited to one per customer.

"The current expected date of release made by Sony is Christmas 2013. Asda make no Guarantees that this is correct or will not change and Asda shall not be held responsible if Sony change or delay the release date of the Sony PlayStation 4 in the UK and or limit stock."

The company also said that customers will be given a choice over the available bundles.

Asda is following the lead of high street chain Game, which began offering a similar deal for pre-order customers in the immediate aftermath of the launch event in February.

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