OneGuide brings new TV tricks to Aussie Xbox Ones

Xbox One OneGuide

Is lifting your remote in order to escape the repulsive swamp of reality TV just too much effort? Well, your Xbox One's new features are here to help you put all of that behind you.

The Australian public preview of OneGuide on Xbox One is now underway, bringing some new functionality to your TV viewing experience.

Rather then lifting their arm like a sucker, OneGuide enables Xbox One owners to switch between TV channels through voice commands, as well as browsing TV listings without actually being exposed to the horror contained within: "Xbox, what's on Channel 10? Family Feud? God help us all..."

What's on the box?

Favourite channels can be marked, giving faster access, and Snap Mode can be used to watch TV on the side while leaving the lion's share of the screen for other applications. OneGuide listings are available on the new Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app, too.

OneGuide also makes it easier to access TV on demand by providing handy listings that indicate which shows are available on demand from video apps.

Xbox claims the TV viewing experience on its latest console will improve even further with the launch of the USB-attached Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in March 2015, bringing streaming of free-to-air TV across the home network using the SmartGlass app.

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