The next big Mario game might be saved for Nintendo NX

Nintendo Mario

The next big Mario game could be a new Super Mario Galaxy sequel, and one of Nintendo's creators has indicated that it might not be released until after the company's mysterious Nintendo NX has launched.

While most other 2D Mario titles have seen follow-ups for the Wii U, there hasn't yet been a Super Mario Galaxy title released for the Wii U.

But speaking to Eurogamer, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto said that Super Mario Galaxy 3 "is always in discussion."

He said that, "me and [Yoshiaki] Koizumi-san, director of Galaxy, are always looking to challenge Galaxy and do another 3D action title," but added that the team can only "make so many games at once in parallel."

"But as the hardware technology gets better and advances, I think there will be a lot of opportunity for both options."

However, Miyamoto explained that the Wii U does have the hardware performance for a 3D title like Super Mario Galaxy, and that it's "more the workload of the team" that's preventing them from making the title right now.

For it's consoles, Nintendo has been busy with Mario Maker, which will see a release later this week, while Yoshi's Woolly World will be released next month and Star Fox Zero will be launching in November.

Nintendo has also revealed that it is close to completing Pikmin 4, though it isn't yet known if it will be launched on the Wii U or the NX console.

Of course, none of this confirms that Nintendo will be making a new Mario Galaxy, but it does indicate that after Mario Maker, we probably won't be getting a new Mario game until the launch of the NX.

Via Wired