New action-packed GTA V trailer lands

Has the series still got it?

The brand new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has hit giving us our longest glimpse at the game so far.

It's the second trailer of the game, which is expected in spring next year.

So what can we glean from the new snippet? Well it's the usual mix of sprawling cityscapes, violence and tongue-in-cheek humour. The game world is bigger than the last two GTA titles and Red Dead Redemption combined. According to the creators, that's to allow more flying missions.

The graphics look awesome, a real step-on from GTA IV. And fans won't be disappointed, as there are the usual insane-looking missions and snappy dialogue.

One cut-scene sees a boy dangling from the ladder of a moving firetruck, a scene reminiscent of the end of a certain action movie.

The soundtrack is reliably 80s as well, which suggests harking back to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

In fact if there is a criticism, it's that the trailer is all cut-scenes with no in-game action. But it still looks terrific.

Multiple views

According to a recent report, missions will be scored just like scenes in a movie, as well as keeping the traditional radio stations. You'll also take control of multiple characters, offering more than one viewpoint on the action.

Rockstar has also uploaded a huge batch of screenshots for our perusal. You can check them out here. Grand Theft Auto V is up for pre-order now, and should be out sometime next spring.