Microsoft announces five new Kinect games

Kinect - range is growing
Kinect - range is growing

Microsoft has announced five new games for its forthcoming Kinect for Xbox 360 – and they appear to be a real breath of fresh air from the typical cutesy family games that are available at launch.

With Sony's PlayStation Move launched in the UK tomorrow, the pressure is on to prove that the new Xbox 360 with Kinect should be the gamers' choice.

And Microsoft's announcement of five titles all from Japanese game developers, looks set to go some way to appeasing those of us who wondered if the arrival of motion control gaming was set to interfere with the core gamers that supported the platforms.

Evil clowns and the end of tech

First up is codename d from Grasshopper Manufacture, in which you are trying to survive in an "evil amusement park filled with twisted and eerie creatures" presumably including killer clowns *shudder*.

An 'epic 3D flying shooter' called Project Draco sounds like it has potential, where you control a dragon and the other titles include two more survival horror titles Haunt and Rise of Nightmares.

Last, and not least, is Steel Battalion Heavy Armo(u)r from gaming giants Capcom and deals with a post apocalyptic world with no computers *shudder again* and promising intense battlefield action.

All of the games are slated for 2011, and will presumably give dads everywhere another reason to sneak a Kinect into the kids' wishlists under false pretences.

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