Full list of PS4 launch games: what to play on day one

This controller should not leave your hands today

With today's North American release of the PlayStation 4, the next generation of video games is truly here (the Wii U didn't really count, did it?).

But now that PS4 launch day is finally here, what are you going to do with your shiny new PlayStation console?

Don't worry. There are a ton of PS4 launch games to justify your purchase today - 24, in fact.

And those are just the launch games coming out today - there are plenty more coming down the road.

Check out TechRadar's comprehensive list of PS4 launch games if you're unsure what to play first or when to spend your money, and have fun with your new console today!

PS4 day one games

Battlefield 4

EA DICE's signature war game returns for its fourth entry - and most importantly, the next-gen version features the 64-player battles that have always made the series superior on PC.

Killzone Shadow Fall

The latest entry in Sony's in-house shooter franchise looks bigger, louder and shinier than ever.


Killzone: Shadow Fall is surprisingly colorful


A side-scrolling space ship shooter for those who remember what Darius was. And it's free to PlayStation Plus subscribers!

Need for Speed: Rivals

Evade the cops - or be a cop. The latest Need for Speed sequel is identical on all four major platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4), so you might as well pick it up on PS4 today.


It's a game about space ninjas, and it's totally free-to-play - you have no excuse not to check out Warframe today.

Angry Birds: Star Wars

If you're not sick of Angry Birds yet, pick up the Star Wars-licensed version on PS4 for the absurd price of $49.99. Or just play it free on Android. You know, whichever.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

This swashbuckling Assassin's Creed game launched earlier this month on Xbox 360 and PS3, but if you were waiting for the next-gen version to drop then now's the time to get back into the Animus.

Blacklight Retribution

Another free-to-play day one PS4 game? Why would you need to buy any games at all with a selection like this? This one's a war time shooter, though, granted, it's already out on other platforms.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Again, Ghosts is out on other platforms already, but if you just had to wait for the next-gen version then today's your day.


Contrast is for the indie game fans


The PS4 is looking like the place for indie games, and Contrast is just one of the many reasons why. Play with shadows in this cute puzzler - and do it for free with a PlayStation Plus account.

DC Universe Online

This DC MMO arrives on PS4 with better graphics but the same action. It's free to play, so if you're not already playing it on PC or PS3 you might as well give it a look.


EA Sports is here on day one in full force, and all its next-gen games, including FIFA 14, use the brand new Ignite engine.


Thatgamecompany's plant-based indie game lets you live the life of a petal drifting on the wind. It's quite relaxing.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

The "Ultimate Edition" of the DC characters-filled fighting game from the makers of Mortal Kombat includes next-gen improvements, plus new missions and all the DLC characters released so far.

Just Dance 2014

If you have some PlayStation Move controllers lying around from last gen, or you're planning on picking up the separately sold PlayStation Camera accessory, then you'll be able to play Ubisoft's dance title on PS4.


Is Knack as cute as it looks?


Knack is one of Sony's first party games launching today. It's an old school 3D platformer, puzzler and combat game in the vein of Ratchet and Clank, but without all the guns, but with a shapeshifting protagonist.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

If you prefer Marvel to DC (and LEGOs to realism) then LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be your game today. It includes more than 100 Marvel universe characters.

Madden NFL 25

EA Sports continues to dish out next-gen sports games with Madden NFL 25, also on its impressive new Ignite engine.

NBA 2K14

The best - and only - basketball series for the last few years continues its reign on PlayStation 4 today.

Skylanders SWAP Force

For the kid in all of us, Skylanders requires players to buy physical toys that they can then control in the game world. The newest version features two-part figurines whose top and bottom halves can be switched to swap powers.

Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes is a beautiful marriage of game and music

Sound Shapes

Another great indie game, Sound Shapes builds songs by famous artists like Beck and Deadmau5 as you explore its minimalistic platforming levels - and then lets you build your own.

Super Motherload

The sequel to the indie game Motherload involves digging deep underneath the red surface of Mars.

Trine 2: Complete Story

Trine 2: Complete Story features improved visuals and new abilities, and it runs at a gorgeous 60-frames-per-second.

The Playroom

Finally, don't forget about The Playroom, the pack-in title that's included with every PlayStation 4 out of the box! The separate PlayStation Camera is required for full enjoyment of this quirky little tech demo.

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