Call of Duty job hints at new Xbox and PS4 for 2013

Call of Duty job hints at new Xbox and PS4 for 2013
Roll on '13

A job posting for work on a future iteration of Call of Duty has the internet all aflutter over its mention of 'next-gen tech'.

Next-gen meaning new Xbox, PS4 and

Wii U

, presumably, which could suggest we'll see at least a couple of these consoles on shop shelves in 2013, if you read it a certain way while sucking a spoon at 3.24PM on a rainy Tuesday in May.

The job posting was made by Infinity Ward, a studio known for working on the Call of Duty franchise, looking for a senior animator "with… an interest in working with next-generation technologies".

Want to see what we reckon the new Xbox could be like? Check out this video:

Er, yes

We'll admit that it's not much to go on and relies on a bit of creative thinking, but while we know we should be seeing the official release of the Wii U at some point this year – hopefully June 2012 – Sony's PS4 and the next-gen Xbox are still unknown entities.

Rumour-mongers have been spreading seeds of hope among gamers, suggesting that we'll see either the PS4 or the new Xbox or the gaming nirvana of both launching at E3 this year.

An E3 2012 launch for either of these consoles sounds like poppycock to us, but 2013 seems much more realistic and CoD would be a likely launch game for either high-end console.

And, with COD publisher Activision maintaining a cosy relationship with Microsoft, there's a chance they know a thing or two we don't. A very good chance. Odds on, we'd say.

Still, even with that in mind, we can't go higher than luke-warm on the rumourometer here.

It's possible

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