Cliffy B encourages Kinect hacking

Kinect Fun Labs encourages users to tinker with Microsoft's motion control tech
Kinect Fun Labs encourages users to tinker with Microsoft's motion control tech

Gears of War developer Cliffy B has said that he would be hacking Microsoft's Kinect motion control tech if he were a teenage bedroom-based developer, applauding Microsoft's latest moves to promote user-generated Kinect demos and games.

The Xbox 360 platform holder has launched a new channel on Xbox Live for those that want to create new Kinect experiences, although the word 'hack' is notable by its absence in any official Microsoft reference to Kinect Fun Labs.

Ragging on Kinect

Kinect designer Kudo Tsunoda showed off Kinect Fun Labs at Microsoft's E3 presser – with the service already up now on Xbox Live for those that feel the need to tinker with the tech.

Speaking about gamers' criticisms of Microsoft Kinect, Cliffy B (real name: Cliff Bleszinski) told our colleagues over at CVG at a behind-closed-doors Xbox 360 event at E3:

"I don't understand if there are gamers out there that are weird about Kinect. What's the problem? You know, if you don't like it, don't play it. Coming into this room, I had an interesting conversation where one of the [Microsoft] PR people pulled me aside and said: 'It's come to our attention that, erm, you might not like Kinect.' And I'm like: 'Does anybody read my Twitter feed? I went to the launch of it in New York. I love it.'

"It's [PlayStation] Move that I dog on all the time, with its two goofy looking airplane coming in things, right? Less plastic on my coffee table is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I'm a fan.

"I've been asked about integration into Gears and if we had put it into Gears 3, considering the development timetable, it would have been a tacked on feature. If we were to get around to doing something Kinect-based, we'd want to be dedicated to it and really knock it out of the park."

You can see the full details on Microsoft's E3 2011 conference in our earlier news feature.


Adam Hartley