Blizzard talks up post-Cataclysm WoW expansion

World of Warcraft - new expansion due December, while Blizzard is already talking up the follow-up

Blizzard reps have been talking up the fourth planned World of Warcraft expansion at this year's Blizzcon event.

While fans patiently await the third WoW expansion, WoW: Cataclysm which is due to arrive later this year, Blizzard's senior producer John Lagrave has already started telling press about the plans for the follow-up.

Pretty freaking awesome

"The thing we're trying to do in the next expansion is pretty freaking awesome," Lagrave told Game Informer at Blizzcon, telling them that the developers have already decided on the central idea for the next one.

"We've now got a central idea that makes me happy and gets me excited, and it makes everyone else happy and excited," he said.

"When everybody gets happy and excited, we know we're on to something. We don't know if it's going to be the final thing, but we know something good is coming. Will it top Cataclysm? I think it's pretty freakin' awesome. I'm really hopeful."

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is due for release on December 7.

We will, as ever, be bringing you the news of the launch from a chilly retail store on Oxford Street at midnight on that date – an annual event that has now become an essential get-together for WoW-fans in London.

Elsewhere at this year's Blizzcon, Jack Black and Tenacious D rocked out at the closing ceremony in front of a crowd of around 20,000 fans at the Anaheim convention center.

You can see a video of the Black's performance from YouTube right here.

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