6 new games that will make you want Oculus Touch controllers

Robo Recall

With the Oculus Touch getting a price and release date, all that's left for Oculus Rift owners on the fence to consider is simple: What all can I play on it?

The library-to-be for the upcoming VR-enabled motion controller is already impressive, with over 30 games in the works. However, as the Oculus Connect 3 conference continues, we're learning more about what the Touch is capable of.

Here's a quick look at some of the brand-new games freshly announced for Oculus Touch, as well as a few familiar apps that will finally release to the public in time for the controllers' December 6 release.


Arktika 1

What is it? Created by Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light's own 4A Games, Arktika.1 exhanges the nuclear apocalypse for a futuristic, but dire, world locked in a new ice age.

Using Touch to control weapons and tools in each hand, players will have to brave the frozen wastes and its threats - both creature and human - in this full-featured shooter built from the ground up for VR.

When is it out?: Q2 2017

Lone Echo

Lone Echo

What is it? The team behind The Order: 1886 is switching up the gothic shooter for something more sci-fi...and it looks like they've been watching the 2013 space thriller Gravity while they were at it.

Taking the role of a mechanic android aboard a sprawling space vessel, players can explore the environment in complete zero-gravity, make intricate repairs using Touch controls, and do their best to survive the inherent marvels and dangers of outer space.

When is it out?: TBD

Robo Recall

What is it? Always one to show off how to take full advantage of a new platform, Epic Games is here to bring us Robo Recall - a fast-and-frenzied shooter where you have to stop the robot uprising - as a repo man recalling defective, homicidal mechs.

While the impressive visuals and humorous take on the otherwise vicious enemies drew us in, (we giggled when one robot cries out that it sees Robot Heaven after being launched into the air) it's the action that has us salivating for Oculus' motion wands.

Touch controls adds multiple ways to deal with the automatons' havoc, from accurate shooting, to wielding robot limbs as crude bludgeons, to even catching bullets mid-air with your own hands and returning them in this combo-centric shooter. Sign us up!

When is it out?: Q1 2017



What is it? One part shooter, a dash of MOBA, and about three cups of RTS, Landfall is all-strategy, bringing the cerebral genre to Oculus in a novel way. While we weren't lucky enough to try Landfall with Touch support for ourselves the game is still being developed with the controllers in mind, according to UploadVR.

Using an overhead view from the Rift to coordinate your tactics and storm the battlefield, Landfall's take on VR lets players really feel like generals overseeing a dramatic battle with their own eyes - or for some of us, like little kids playing in the sandbox with our army men. Either way, count us in some time in this war room.

When is it out?: Spring 2017


What is it? Kingspray, previously an HTC Vive exclusive, is a graffiti simulator that lets you tag to your heart's content without the fear of doing hard time for vandalism.

The game emulates the realistic spread and drips of spray paint, all while keeping digital benefits like the ability to undo a botched move, select any color paint you want, and even time-lapse your work to show others.

Not only does Touch add the realistic range of motion necessary for your art skills to shine, but the Oculus Touch version also announces a brand-new cooperative element so you and up to three buddies can collab on a mural for the ages.

When is it out? December 6, 2016



What is it? Not intended for the public at first, Quill is actually a retooled release of the high-fidelity art software used by Oculus' Story Studio division for their VR film project, Dear Angelica.

Whereas Kingspray and Oculus' own Medium dabble in spray paint and clay modeling respectively, Quill adds a 2D/3D painting hybrid into the mix, giving your inner artist the ability to draw vibrant worlds and illustrations with a flick of the Touch.

When is it out? December 6, 2016