Fujifilm Australia's knocking up to $1,300 off some of its best cameras and lenses

Fujifilm Australia is rolling out the Christmas discounts super-early this year, with the camera-maker announcing a cashback promotion that could save you up to $1,300, which runs until January 7, 2018. 

The offer includes up to $300 cashback on selected mirrorless cameras and X-series lenses, up to $700 on selected GF-series lenses and up to $1,300 cashback on one of Fujifilm’s best medium-format pro cameras when purchased together with a GF-series lens.

To claim the cashback, you’ll need to purchase the items from a participating Australian dealer, with a list provided on Fujifilm’s Cashback website

Once a purchase has been made, buyers can head to the website, fill in their details and add a scanned copy of the tax invoice, then choose how they’d like to receive the money. Fujifilm promises to pay back within 28 days of registration, with claims closing on January 31, 2018.

Go mirrorless

So which cameras are worth buying as part of this promo? Well, the X-T2, as far as we are concerned, is one of the best mirrorless cameras in 2017, with the more entry-level X-T20 ranking at number three in our list. Along with the not-bad X-Pro2, there’s up to $300 cashback available starting today.

You can get the X-T2 from CamBuy for $2,189 or from Digital Camera Warehouse for $2,198, then head over to Fujifilm’s website and register to get back up to $300 in cash.

For a cheaper option, the silver X-T20 is available at CamBuy for $1,119 and the black X-T20 is $1,129 at CameraPro

The X-Pro2 is available at CamBuy for $2,139.

If you’ve already got one of these Fujifilm cameras, but are jonesing for a new lens, there’s up to $700 available in cashback when buying one of the GF series lenses mentioned above, or up to $300 on selected XF series lenses.

For the pros

Professional photographers and the enthusiasts now have the opportunity to bag the Fujifilm GFX 50S plus a lens (choose from the GF23mm, GF45mm, GF63mm, GF110mm, GF120mm and GF32-64mm) in a single purchase to save up to $1,300 during this cashback promotion. Right now, the 51.4MP GFX 50S is $9,888 at CameraPro

The GFX 50S features a weather-sealed body, a sensor that’s about 1.7x larger than a full-frame camera and a removeable and replaceable EVF, not to mention picture quality that’s excellent.

Sharmishta Sarkar
Managing Editor (APAC)

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