Firefox for iOS gets a major security boost

Firefox for iOS

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox for iOS, with improved security for everyday browsing and handy new features for iPad owners.

Websites use trackers to monitor you as you move around the web, building up a profile of you that's valuable to advertisers – and malicious parties as well. Firefox for iOS has long offered tracking protection in its Private Browsing mode, and it's now enabled by default for regular browsing as well in Firefox for iOS 11.

If you don't mind sharing your data with a particular site, you can deactivate tracking protection with a tap of a button.

It's a drag – in a good way

The updated browser also offers new drag-and-drop features for iPad owners. If your tabs are in disarray, you can now rearrange them by tapping the tab icon, then long-pressing a tab and dragging it left or right.

Sharing links is easier too, thanks to the ability to drag URLs from Firefox to other apps. Just long-press a tab, then drag it wherever you like – an email, a tweet, a Facebook message or anywhere else you fancy. There's no need to spend ages cutting and pasting.

There are also new keyboard shortcuts to make navigation more straightforward for iPad users – many of which you'll recognize from the desktop browser.

The tab tray has had a boost too. You can now use the shortcut Ctrl+Option+Tab to toggle the tray and manage your tabs – selecting, closing or viewing them. It's also possible to switch to a tray containing your private tabs.

It's been a busy few months for Mozilla since the launch of Firefox Quantum in November. It's now focusing on bringing features from the desktop browser to mobile devices, as well as improving security, so we're keeping an eye out for more updates in the near future.

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