Finished Stranger Things 3 already? Here’s what to watch on Netflix next

Stranger Things 3
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Stranger Things 3 has landed on Netflix, and it could just be the best season yet if early reviews are anything to go by. 

One of the most popular shows on Netflix, Stranger Things season three joins our favorite bunch of kids once more, as they battle otherworldly beings, mysterious foes, and teenage growing pains. 

All of this is set against heaps of colorful 80s nostalgia, harking back to the work of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Stephen King. 

With all eight episodes of Stranger Things 3 available to stream in one go, many of us will have binged the entirety of season three already. 

So, where do you go from Hawkins, Indiana? Aside from watching Stranger Things’ companion show, Beyond Stranger Things, there’s a plethora of spooktastic sci-fi flicks, 80s shows, and angsty teen dramas to keep you satiated while we wait for word of Stranger Things 4. 

Read on for our pick of the best Netflix series to watch after Stranger Things.

Dark Netflix

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1. Dark

If you're mourning the end of Stranger Things 3, why not try something a little more continental? Dark is a German-language supernatural thriller that, like Stranger Things, deals with disappearing children in a small town. 

Part Scandi crime thriller and part drama, this intriguing series explores the fractured relationships and dark pasts of the townspeople in the wake of the disappearance. 

There's plenty to watch too; season two has just arrived on Netflix, bringing the total episode count up to 18 nearly hour-long instalments. 


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A female wrestling comedy might seem like a slightly left-field suggestion if you're looking to fill a Stranger Things-shaped hole – but GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) is packed to the brim with the kind of day-glo 80s nostalgia that Stranger Things fans have come to love.

With a refreshing female-fronted cast and writers, GLOW demonstrates a brilliant balancing act between empowerment and exploitation. There are two seasons on Netflix already, and a third is confirmed to land on August 9. 

Black Mirror

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3. Black Mirror

For the uninitiated, Black Mirror is a series of standalone TV shows, each (usually) focusing on a hellish (and often darkly funny) vision of where technology, if abused, could lead us. 

Season five of Black Mirror has just arrived on Netflix, and it could be the darkest yet – perfect for those who are craving a little nerdy dystopia having charged through Stranger Things 3 in record time. 

Most episodes are feature-length, getting more ambitious with every series; season four saw the show go interactive with the critically acclaimed Bandersnatch episode.

Sex Education

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4. Sex Education

If it's the angsty teen drama element that you miss most about Stranger Things, check out British comedy Sex Education.

The series follows socially awkward sixth-former Otis (who lives with his sex therapist mother) as he teams up with the smart and rebellious Maeve, to create a clinic for the school's sexually frustrated students.

While set in England, the show also has a weird 80s Americana vibe that means you won't feel too out of sorts if you jump into this straight after Stranger Things 3.

The OA

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5. The OA

The OA could just rival Stranger Things in terms of, well, strangeness. This sci-fi series follows Marling, a blind woman who comes back with her sight restored after disappearing for many years. 

With the second season now on Netflix, there's more to binge than ever before. If you love the weirdness of Stranger Things, this unsettling series could just keep that Netflix freak flag flying high.

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