Bandersnatch is an interactive Black Mirror movie – and it's now on Netflix

Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch

Update: Bandersnatch is now available on Netflix, though it seems to be more than your usual Netflix movie. 

An interactive adventure that puts the viewer in control of key decisions throughout the film, with various routes the film can travel through, Bandersnatch is a natural evolution of Black Mirror's paranoid depictions of technology – as well as Netflix's growing interest in interactive media on its streaming platform, such as Minecraft: Story Mode.

In typical Black Mirror fashion, no stone has been left unturned with the creation of a website for the company Tuckersoft, which features in the episode. However, it's best not to explore the site until you've watched the episode in case you inadvertently stumble across any spoilers.

For the Bandersnatch trailer, and our original article on the film's announcement, read on below...

Has Netflix won the battle for top Christmas TV this year? It's looking likely – first it rolled out the charming Kurt Russel-starring 'The Christmas Chronicles' and now this – the first feature-length Black Mirror movie.

Netflix has just revealed the trailer for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, as well as some bombshell news – it'll be hitting the streaming service in just a day's time on December 28, 2018.

Here's that trailer in all its glory...

What is Bandersnatch?

For the uninitiated, Black Mirror is a series of standalone TV shows, each (usually) focussing on a dystopian vision of where technology, if abused, could lead us. 

Created by former games journalist Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror has become must-watch TV over the past decade, with Netflix recently acquiring the exclusive rights to future episodes of the show.

With the might of Netflix's budget behind it, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch looks like the most ambitious undertaking for the series to date. While the trailer doesn't reveal all the special's secrets, it appears to focus around a troubled video game developer in 1980s Britain, whose creation looks to take on a life of its own.

That is... we think that's what's happening. With Black Mirror, as the series' title suggests, all is never quite what it seems. We'll look forward to seeing exactly what's in store for us when Bandersnatch releases imminently. 

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