Facebook dark mode is rolling out for desktop, but not everyone can get it

Facebook dark mode
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Facebook has begun rolling out a new interface for desktop users, with an optional dark mode in addition to the traditional white design.

When they log into the desktop site, some users have reported seeing a pop-up asking whether they would like to try the new design, which is referred to as 'Facebook Beta'.

If you're part of the testing group, after accepting the offer, you will be offered the chance to switch to dark mode and take it for a spin. You can also switch between light and dark modes through your account settings. Android Police (opens in new tab) has gathered a collection of screengrabs showing what to expect.

Testing, testing...

In addition to the optional dark mode, Facebook Beta also promises to be clearer and easier to use, with larger fonts and streamlined navigation. It will also save your position if you're scrolling through your news feed and then navigate elsewhere, so you don't lose your place.

Facebook often limits its betas to specific countries (usually the US), but the testing group for the new interface seems to include users from around the world, so try logging in and see if you're among them.

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There's no way to request to join the testing group, unfortunately, so if you don't see the pop-up you'll have to wait for the final release.

Via Android Police (opens in new tab)

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