Evidence iPad Pro 2018 could look a lot like the iPhone X

After the iPhone X launched with Face ID, it was only a question of when, not if, the next iPad would get the feature. And that “when” could actually be pretty soon, according to an analyst from KGI Securities.

Some curious wording was recently scooped up in iOS 11.3 code that makes a mention of a “modern iPad”. This might not sound like a big deal on its face, but 9To5Mac points out that the phrase “modern iPhone” was used in advance to describe the features of the iPhone X before its 2017 release.

Face ID on an iPad would theoretically have a few major implications on the greater design of Apple’s tablet. First off, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor might be removed, like we’ve seen on the iPhone X. This move would make way for the ever-shrinking iPad bezels to shrink even more. The iPad Pro 10.5 gave us slightly thinner bezels – an iPad Pro 2018 could take it several steps further.

Just a few months to wait

For now, Face ID will only make it to the next wave of iPad Pro tablets, according to the analyst. But if it’s anything like Touch ID when it launched, the face-unlocking biometrics will eventually make its way to more affordable tablets, too.

We've heard this rumor before, and we’ll likely find out if Face ID makes its way to iPad tablets at one of two major Apple events this year, WWDC 2018 in June or during the supposed iPhone X2 hardware event in September.

Cameron Faulkner

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